Monster Wartune Tutorial

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Monsters can get a lot of experience through trainings. Training is the most efficient way for you to level your monsters. Monster Wartune offers many different training selections. The right training method can help your monster gain several levels in a short period of time. Training selections that give the most EXP have the longest cooldowns.

Know Your Element Advantages

If you know the element type of your opponent beforehand, use skills that have an element advantage over it. These skills will do twice the damage of other skills. If your opponent’s skills are at an element disadvantage to your monster’s element type, the damage they deal will be reduced.

Go to Menu > Tips to see the balance of power among the elements.

Monster Stats

A monster’s stats determine its final grade. A good player should have multiple monsters with powerful stats.

Although a monster’s base stats are fixed, you can get a new monster with powerful base stats through Breeding. A baby monster might have higher stats than its parents and will get a guaranteed power surge from a Blessing. You can also get powerful monsters through Synthesis.

Getting New Monsters

You will encounter rare monsters along your journey. These monsters have higher base stats than their common counterparts. Seal them to make them yours.


Most monsters will automatically evolve when they meet the level requirements listed under their Encyclopedia entry. Some monsters, however, will also need a catalyst equipped to evolve. Evolved monsters are much stronger than they were in their previous stages.

Learning Skills

You can learn new skills from skill books. If your monster already has four skills, you can select which skill you want to replace with the new one. Choose your new skills wisely.