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Monster Wartune is a world where monsters battle against one another. Collect hundreds of monsters and form your dream team through evolution, breeding, and synthesis. You can also team up with other players to duel other players, challenge bosses, and save the world!

★★★ The most authentic and exciting monster game out there!
★★★ Free download. You can have fun without paying a dime.
★★★ Newbie gift packages to make the game more fun.


Journey through six scenes and hundreds of levels. An epic adventure awaits you!
Over a hundred monsters can be discovered and captured. Each monster has its unique set of skills from one of 8 elements!
Manage the advantages and disadvantages of each monster type wisely. Challenge powerful bosses and win excellent prizes!
Power up and do severe damage to your opponents by mastering your battle tactics!
Keep leveling up and use evolution tools to make your monsters more powerful!
Use magic scrolls to synthesize your common monsters into rarer ones!
Breed powerful baby monsters and bless them with extraordinary power!
Multiplayer combat! Team up with your friends or do PVP to see who the best player in the game is!
Participate in the Ladder Tournament and compete with players from all over the world!

You will discover even more cool features along the way!

Monster Wartune will definitely bring you an exciting gameplay experience! Start your adventure now!

Note: Internet connectivity required.

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Monster Wartune is FREE to download and is available in the Games category of the iTunes App Store.

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Press Release

Dec31, 2012
Monster Wartune: A World of Monsters. Make Them Yours.

Gamers are thrilled with the recent release of Monster Wartune, a Pokemon-based MMORPG by Teebik.CO.,Ltd.

Monster Wartune features over a hundred monsters that players can battle, capture, train, and breed. Each monster’s powers come from one of eight elements, and each monster has its own unique set of skills and evolution cycle. Players can attack their foes with the forces of fire, water, electricity, and more!

Players will journey through perilous adventures with their monsters, using power potions and healing jellies to assist them along the way. They must develop strategies to use their equipment, resurrection cards, and loaded dice efficiently.

Players can even battle each other. Monster Wartune features two forms of PVP: the PVP Arena and the Ladder Tournament. Players can get incredible prizes from entering the PVP Arena and can even team up with a friend for a four-player fight! Victors in the Ladder Tournament will be able to show off their crowns in the chat room.

Players can create extremely powerful monsters through synthesis and breeding. Ordinary monsters can be synthesized together into a single, rare and powerful beast with the power of synthesis scrolls. Players can then breed their strong monsters together to get a baby monster of epic proportions!

The monsters of Monster Wartune come in a variety of shapes and sizes. The cute, clam-like Chowda will win you over with its big blue eyes while the dragon Draconius will terrorize its enemies with its massive size and wingspan. All these monsters can be yours! Catch them, train them, teach them new skills, and bless them with incredible power.

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