Monster Wartune Tutorial


Daily Activities

Get Rewards

Plenty of rewards are available at the Reward Center on your Home page.

Train Monster

Train your monster to give it the necessary EXP to level up. After you train your monster, there will be a cooldown period before you can train again. You should take full advantage of your training spots if you want to level your monster quickly.

Daily Task

Although Daily Tasks offer a tremendous amount of EXP, you can only complete so many each day.

Daily Tasks often require that you complete duties (i.e. training a monster). This means you can complete both a Daily Task and a duty at the same time.

Team Mode

You can team up with other players for Team Mode challenges and win awesome rewards like scrolls and skill books. After you complete a Team Mode challenge, there will be a cooldown period. You cannot attempt another challenge until the cooldown period is over.

Ladder Tournament

You can participate in the Ladder Tournament to get lots of awesome prizes. The Ladder Tournament offers prestige, which you can use to unveil certain monsters in your Encyclopedia. Once those monsters have been unveiled, you can purchase them with coins or money.


You are an adventurer who has arrived in a world filled with monsters. You discover that the world is in a state of disorder, due to the fact the creator of the monster world has vanished. You set out on a journey, collecting monsters to fight the evils that plague the land. You are the only one who can restore balance and order to the monster world.

Player Info

This page has the following information:

1. Name: Your username.
2. Portrait: Individual portrait (this feature is currently unavailable). Tap on it to change your name.
3. Player Level: The higher level you are, the more experience your monsters receive from their trainings.
4. EXP Bar: Shows your current EXP (experience) and the EXP you need to level.
5. Avatar: The image of your character.
6. Seal Cards: Number of Seal Cards.
7. Prestige: Amount of prestige.
8. Honor: Amount of honor.
9. Money: Amount of money.
10. Coin: Amount of coins.
11. Total collecting: The number of monsters you have collected.


Home is where you can check your Monster List, Tasks, Mail, Rewards, and Encyclopedia. There are also nine fun features you can use.

Home Interface:

The nine features are News, Synthesis, Hatchery, Bag, Shop, Play, PVP, and Activity. To use some of these features, you must first meet their level requirements.

1. News: You can read our official news.
2. Training: Train your monsters to make them more powerful.
3. Synthesis: Synthesize several monsters together to create a new monster.
4. Hatchery: Breed your monsters.
5. Bag: Where your items are stowed.
6. Shop: Has lots of goodies that you can purchase for a small fee.
7. Play: You will encounter a variety of challenges on your adventure. Are you ready?
8. PVP: Fight other players. Let’s see who has mastered the game!
9. Activity: The activities are fun and the rewards are enticing. What are you waiting for?
10. Chat: Tap the speech bubble to go to your server chatroom.
11. Reward Center: Check the Reward Center frequently to see what sort of rewards you can get.
12. My Info: Covers your progress in the game.
13. Encyclopedia: View the list of available monsters.
14. Task: Check what tasks you need to complete and what rewards they can give you.
15. Menu: Access your Friends List, Ranking, Mailbox, etc.
16. Monsters: View your current monsters and select which of them you would like to fight with.
17. Player Info: Your name, VIP level, and the money and coins you have. Tap on the “+” to reach the coin purchase page.

Scenes and Levels


Tap the Play portal to see the map. Select a scene and level to start your journey.

Scenes page:

Enter a scene and choose the mode and level to start your challenge.


Level Page:

1. Select a Level: Select a level to challenge.
2. Select a mode: You can choose among Normal Mode, Veteran Mode and Expert Mode. Veteran Mode and Expert Mode are only available for more experienced players.
3. Battle: Enter a level
4. Progress: Each mode you complete grants you one star.
5. Recommendation: Some monsters types have advantages over others. This is the recommended monster type for the challenge.
6. Available Monsters: Monsters you can capture on this level.

On each level, you will hop down a set of squares by throwing dice. On the way to your destination, you will encounter enemies, buffs, debuffs, and more. At the end of each level you will encounter a boss. Defeat the boss to complete the level.

1. Avatar: Your avatar.
2. Square: When you land on a square, the corresponding event will activate.
3. Monsters: Your combat monsters.
4. Dice: The number of moves will be selected at random.
5. Loaded Dice: You determine the number of steps you take.
6. Bag: Open to see what items you can use. Your bag contains healing jellies and potions that will rejuvenate you.
7. Chat: Go to Chat.
8. Quit: Exit the challenge and return to the Level page.

Battle Type

Single Player Mode: Single player mode follows the storyline in the tasks. Players need to complete single player mode in order to access the features deep inside the game.

Team mode: Team up with other players to challenge bosses.


On each scene, you can choose among Normal Mode, Veteran Mode, and Expert Mode. More difficult modes will reward better prizes upon completion.

Normal Mode: Easiest to access.

Veteran Mode: Unlocks after you complete the 3rd scene in Normal Mode.

Expert Mode: Unlocks after you complete the 6th scene in the Normal Mode.

How to Unlock Scenes

New scenes unlock automatically after you complete the previous scene. Some scenes will unlock when a certain number of monster pictures become available under Encyclopedia.

How to Pass a Level / Scene

Pass a level: When you reach the end of a level, you will encounter the final boss. Defeat the boss to complete the level.

If you fail to complete a level, you can either use a Resurrection Card to continue where you left off or start all over again.

Pass a scene: You need to complete all the levels in a scene to complete it.

Level Details

Each level contains a series of squares. When you land on a square, the corresponding event will activate.

Normal Combat: You will encounter opponents. Defeat them to continue.

Mini-Boss: You meet stronger opponents here. These squares can’t be passed over.

Boss: You meet the final boss here. Defeat it to finish this level.

Recovery: Your monster will recover some HP or gain a buff.

Decline: Your monster will lose some HP or gain a debuff.

Portal: You are teleported to another square, moving either forward or backward in the challenge. It all depends on your luck!

Pop-Up Shop: Enter the shop to purchase items. You can get a good deal here.

Chest: Open your chest to get goodies.

Buff/Debuff: Gives you a buff or debuff.

Level Result

After passing a level, you get experience, money and a spin of the prize wheel.


Lottery: Spin the prize wheel after passing a level. If you don’t like your reward, you can always spin again.

Team Mode

In Team Mode, you can team up with the NPC to challenge strong opponents. Team Mode features 2v2 combat. You and your teammate each release a monster while your opponents release their monsters. In future versions of Monster Wartune, you will be able to enter Team Mode with a fellow player.

Note: If you decide to solo your way through Team Mode, your opponent will still release two monsters.



Monster Wartune features two types of currency: money and coins.


You can get money from completing tasks and levels. Money is used for purchasing common items, items that can help you level up, trainings, and more.


You can get coins by completing certain tasks or by purchasing them through the Buy Coins option. You can use coins to purchase rare items, capture monsters with a 100% success rate, clear cooldowns, and more.

Monster Items

Healing and Rejuvenating Items

Potions restore HP and PP and can also remove debuffs. Healing potions can be equipped to your monsters and will automatically activate when your monsters are at low health.

Jellies and PP potions can be found in your backpack during challenges. Jellies will restore your health while PP potions will restore your power points.


Equipment can raise the stats of the monster they are equipped to. Some equipment can increase the amount of EXP you gain from combat.


These items contain special powers that can help your monster evolve. Some monsters can only evolve when these catalysts are equipped to them.


Scrolls contain ancient formulas that tell us how to synthesize more common monsters into rarer ones. Each scroll can synthesize multiple monsters into a new monster.

Love Potions

Monsters whose stats are grade C or higher need love potions to breed in the Hatchery.

Skill Books

Skill books can teach your monsters special skills. You can tap Skill Book on the Monsters> Monster Info to see what skill books you can use.

Other Items

Some items with unique abilities were not listed above. These items include Loaded Dice, which help you land on a specific square, and Resurrection Cards, which can be used to resurrect your monsters to full health after they have all been defeated. You can buy these items in the Shop or find them during your challenges.


You will encounter three kinds of tasks in this game. They are main tasks, branch tasks, and daily tasks. Complete them to get awesome rewards and make your gameplay experience more enjoyable.

Main Task

Main Tasks guide you through the game. Follow them to explore the monster world.

Main Tasks generally reward you with player EXP, money, coins, and items.

Branch Task

You receive extra rewards from completing Branch Tasks. Though they take a while to finish, they are rewarding in the long run.

Branch Tasks generally reward money and items, though certain Branch Tasks reward monsters or coins.

Daily Task

Daily Tasks give you awesome rewards, but there is a limit to how many you can do in a day. If you can complete all the daily tasks every day, you’re amazing at this game!

Daily Tasks generally reward player EXP, money, and items.

Task Assignment

After you complete a task, a new one will be assigned to you automatically.

Completing a Task

Once a task is completed, you can tap Collect to receive your rewards.